Who is heard – and who is believed? How understanding power is essential to reporting misconduct in the aid sector

Ania Gaboune Protection, Research, Violence Against Women and Girls

Ania Gaboune introduces a new Oxfam report that analyses innovative work in Ghana and Iraq to address barriers to reporting misconduct – and sets out how projects can develop more accessible, survivor-centred reporting mechanisms.

Change is all about the narrative

Caroline Cassidy Influencing

It’s always useful when someone puts together a summary and synthesis of a larger piece of work. Thanks to Caroline Cassidy who put this blog together, inspired by Narrative Power and Collective Action Volumes 1 and 2. Isabel Crabtree-Condor 2020 feels like an intense novel – you’re desperate to get to the end of the story and hope it will …

Deconstructing gender identities and power structures

Daniel Morchain Climate Change, Gender

Can working within existing structures lead to breakthroughs in gender equality? Daniel Morchain reflects on the contrast between points of view at the UN Commission on the Status of Women meetings last month. The 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women, organised by UN Women, was just getting underway. ‘Colonisation is a huge problem in Canada and we …