Why we must never repeat the mistakes of a ‘gender-blind’ COVID response

Harry Bignell Gender, Health, Inequality

Pandemics are bad for women’s health – but they are also bad for their labour rights, suggests research from Matahari Global Solutions and the People’s Vaccine Alliance. Harry Bignell and Abha Jeurkar set out key gendered impacts of the pandemic – including the impact on trans and non-binary people – and call for pressure on global leaders to make sure we avoid them in future.

Top Resources for Global Handwashing Day

Beth Donkin Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Global Handwashing Day takes place on the 15th of October. This year it comes with added prominence in our calendar. Coronavirus has heightened the importance of handwashing across the world. In the humanitarian and development sector, handwashing has long been central to disease prevention and programme design.   In this blog, we’ve compiled some of our most popular resources on everything handwashing. From tools …

Health, wealth and the great escape out of poverty

Franziska Mager Book Banter, General, Inequality

Could the history of the last 250 years provide the clues to ending poverty and inequality? Angus Deaton’s book The Great Escape makes a compelling case for improving global well-being by addressing health and wealth. Franziska Mager, Research Assistant, reviews the book as part of our new Book Banter series. Book Banter Are you looking for some inspiring reading? Short …

Don’t be naïve, power is serious business

Gawain Kripke Gender, Her Series, Women's Economic Empowerment

In this latest addition to our Her Series, Oxfam America’s Director of Policy & Research, Gawain Kripke, shares his views on why the development community must prioritize women’s economic empowerment. he development community should recognize that women’s economic empowerment is a threat to established power holders. Women’s economic empowerment is a growing subsector within the development field. There’s a lot …