Who is heard – and who is believed? How understanding power is essential to reporting misconduct in the aid sector

Ania Gaboune Protection, Research, Violence Against Women and Girls

Ania Gaboune introduces a new Oxfam report that analyses innovative work in Ghana and Iraq to address barriers to reporting misconduct – and sets out how projects can develop more accessible, survivor-centred reporting mechanisms.

Sexual harassment and victimization of women on public transport

james Gender, Governance, New Urbanism, Violence Against Women and Girls

It is estimated 35% of women globally have experience sexual violence, with many more reporting sexual harassment. In the rise of urban living, how does this affect gender equality in today’s world? Yasemin Irvin-Erickson and Annie Gurvis from the Justice Policy Center examine how this can be tackled.  The past 40 years have seen dramatic changes in the policy, practice, and research on …