What do refugees from across Africa want to tell the global forum?

Abbas Kigozi Events, Participation and Leadership, Refugees and IDPs

Abbas Kigozi, Robert Hakiza and JeanPaul Kasika on priorities of refugees in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Malawi that need to be heard at this week’s gathering in Geneva – including access to basic services, secure legal status and protection against forced returns.

COVID-19 in South Africa is causing frontline women workers to pay for skewed health systems

Nicole Oloo Health

As with many other healthcare systems around the world, COVID-19 has delivered a sharp blow to South Africa’s. Before the pandemic, the healthcare system was already struggling to cope with the combination of high HIV, TB & Malaria infection rates, a severe lack of funding to the public healthcare sector and persistent cuts to health spending. Now, with the highest …

What will it take to stop the killing of land rights activists?

Scott Sellwood Inequality, Land rights

Mining companies and governments need to understand and respect the right to free, prior, and informed consent. The lives of land rights activists are on the line. New research from an Oxfam partner provides a compelling starting point for defending community consent in Southern Africa. Last year, at least 207 land and environmental activists across 22 countries were reportedly killed for …

A harvest of dysfunction: Causes and impacts of drought in South Africa

John Magrath Climate Change, Drought, General, Natural Resources, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

John Magrath introduces the report, A Harvest of Dysfunction: rethinking the approach to drought, its causes and impacts in South Africa. “Interventions to assist poor people affected by drought must start with how drought itself is defined and understood” – so says Sipho Mthathi, Executive Director of Oxfam South Africa  in her introduction to a new report that challenges the …