We are closer to seeing the world’s first trillionaire than ending poverty: that’s why we need fair taxes now

Chiara Putaturo In the news, Inequality, Tax

Oxfam’s new Davos report highlights how our economic system funnels billions to billionaires while ordinary workers lose. A big part of the solution has to be new wealth and windfall taxes, including a European wealth tax, says Chiara Putaturo.

The super-rich pay lower taxes than you – and here’s how they do it…

Chiara Putaturo Inequality, Research, Tax

How do the wealthy get away with paying a lower percentage of their income and wealth in taxes than ordinary people? A big part of the answer is that many of their fortune streams, from dividends to inheritance, are chronically undertaxed, says Chiara Putaturo in our latest blog for Davos 2023

Law as a tool to empower and achieve change

Laura Gyte Active citizenship, Climate Change, Governance, Influencing, Protection, Rights, Tax

Noélie Coudurier, Sreetama Gupta Bhaya and Laura Gyte share a wealth of examples demonstrating how law can help drive positive change. As campaigners, we can feel ambivalent about law. As a product of society, it’s often structured to protect the privileged. Even the most progressive constitutions in the world, forged in times of political transformation and hope, are not yet …

Tax Havens Free Zones. Where think global, act local is more than just a slogan.

Rodrigo Barahona Active citizenship, Inequality, Influencing, Tax

Rodrigo Barahona and Susana Ruiz describe how the Tax Havens Free Zones initiative is gathering momentum in the fight against inequality and poverty. When large companies and wealthy individuals divert part of their income to tax havens, this leaves governments without the resources they need to address poverty and invest in healthcare, education and jobs. Oxfam analyzed 200 of the …

One year on from the Panama Papers: how well is the UK tackling tax avoidance?

Oliver Pearce Inequality, Tax

One year on from the leaking of the Panama Papers, Oli Pearce, Policy Manager at Oxfam GB,  explores how well the UK is dealing with tax avoidance.  If a week was a long time in Harold Wilson’s politics, then a year in the era of Trump’s tweets is something else. The election of Donald Trump to the American presidency and …

Fortunes for the fortunate – all 62 of them

Deborah Hardoon Inequality, Tax

The gap between the richest and the poorest in the world is growing at an alarming rate. In the run up to the World Economic Forum Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research, introduces Oxfam’s latest inequality data and shares her personal reflections from two years of work on these shocking statistics. wo years ago, Oxfam made headlines when we crunched …