Think informal women workers don’t pay tax? Actually they pay more tax than Elon Musk…

Alex Bush Gender, Tax, Women's Economic Empowerment

The reality is that hundreds of millions of informal and unpaid women workers are paying way more than their fair share – while the super-rich avoid taxes with impunity. Alex Bush, Clare Coffey and Saleha Shah debunk some myths about tax and women’s informal work.

The super-rich pay lower taxes than you – and here’s how they do it…

Chiara Putaturo Inequality, Research, Tax

How do the wealthy get away with paying a lower percentage of their income and wealth in taxes than ordinary people? A big part of the answer is that many of their fortune streams, from dividends to inheritance, are chronically undertaxed, says Chiara Putaturo in our latest blog for Davos 2023

Which governments really care about inequality? Not many, our new global index suggests

Anthony Kamande Economics, Inequality, Research

As Oxfam launches its latest index that rates countries’ commitment to reducing inequality, Anthony Kamande reflects on how poor policy choices impacted his own family in Kenya, points out how ordinary people have lost out amid the pandemic and inflation, and highlights a few governments showing the way forward

Levelling up: how wealth taxes can reduce inequalities

Oliver Pearce In the news, Inequality, Poverty in the UK, Tax

How far will this week’s budget go in ‘levelling up’ the UK in line with the government’s stated aims? Whilst much of the public debate has centred on what changes to taxing and spending the new Chancellor Rishi Sunak could make, there has been less analysis about how proposed measures could reduce economic inequality, which is surely a key hallmark …

One year on from the Panama Papers: how well is the UK tackling tax avoidance?

Oliver Pearce Inequality, Tax

One year on from the leaking of the Panama Papers, Oli Pearce, Policy Manager at Oxfam GB,  explores how well the UK is dealing with tax avoidance.  If a week was a long time in Harold Wilson’s politics, then a year in the era of Trump’s tweets is something else. The election of Donald Trump to the American presidency and …

Tax transparency and the developing world

Radhika Sarin Inequality, Tax

This blog lays out how the global corporate tax system affects the developing world and why ActionAid, Christian Aid and Oxfam are calling for change in their recent paper, Getting to Good: Towards Responsible Corporate Tax Behaviour. ver a number of years, ActionAid, Christian Aid and Oxfam have been campaigning for reform of the global corporate tax system.  We do …