Lisa Nandy on the UK’s future development policy under Labour

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‘People know better than we do’, the opposition party’s shadow minister for international development tells the Overseas Development Institute. Duncan Green on what he thinks her first major speech in post potentially means for UK policy and for the “development cluster” of academics, think-tanks and NGOs.

A twin mandate for DFID – what does this mean?

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Oxfam’s policy team present their vision for the UK’s aid programme to tackle both poverty and inequality. The Shadow Secretary of State for International Development used her first major speech to announce that any future Labour government would instate a dual poverty/inequality mandate for the Department for International Development (DFID). Oxfam has long warned of the risks of growing extreme …

Brexit and trade: An opportunity to do better

Pooja Mall Aid

Pooja Mall explores how Brexit can have a positive impact on trade policy and why it’s important to development.  Over a decade ago, Oxfam’s ‘Make Trade Fair’ campaign made the argument that many people in developing countries have been made worse off because the rules are rigged against them. It centred on eliminating the practice of dumping highly subsidised developed-country …

Cash is the answer to change the global aid system

Rose Smith Aid

This blog, originally published by CaLP, examines the benefits of cash transfer programmes in response to recent calls for reform of the humanitarian sector, by the UK Secretary of State for International Development. The Guardian published an article describing how Priti Patel, new Secretary of State for International Development in the UK, plans to overhaul the aid system. There are …