The super-rich pay lower taxes than you – and here’s how they do it…

Chiara Putaturo Inequality, Research, Tax

How do the wealthy get away with paying a lower percentage of their income and wealth in taxes than ordinary people? A big part of the answer is that many of their fortune streams, from dividends to inheritance, are chronically undertaxed, says Chiara Putaturo in our latest blog for Davos 2023

Taxation of the super-rich has collapsed: as one in eight people go to bed hungry, that simply has to change

Max Lawson Inequality, Research, Tax

When even millionaires are pleading to be taxed so governments can tackle our colliding global crises, we can see there’s something rotten in the state of economic policy. Max Lawson introduces Oxfam’s 2023 Davos report, ‘Survival of the Richest: How we must tax the super-rich now to fight inequality’

A fairer tax system is essential to ‘building back better’

Robert Palmer General, Tax

Tax Justice UK shares Oxfam’s commitment to tackling inequality, eradicating poverty and standing up for those who typically struggle to get their voices heard. The need to address these issues has only become more urgent in light of the covid-19 pandemic, which in the UK as elsewhere has had a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable in society, including ethnic …

Levelling up: how wealth taxes can reduce inequalities

Oliver Pearce In the news, Inequality, Poverty in the UK, Tax

How far will this week’s budget go in ‘levelling up’ the UK in line with the government’s stated aims? Whilst much of the public debate has centred on what changes to taxing and spending the new Chancellor Rishi Sunak could make, there has been less analysis about how proposed measures could reduce economic inequality, which is surely a key hallmark …

Extreme inequality and the push for an alternative future

Deborah Hardoon Inequality, Tax

Deborah Hardoon introduces our new report, ‘An Economy for the 99%‘ and argues that extreme inequality and a crisis in economics have created the appetite for an alternative vision for the future. erd Alert. As a student of economics, I always found the technical aspects of the subject deeply satisfying. Getting to the ‘right’ answer using algebra and statistics, solving …