An Iraqi woman looks out of her damaged house. Credit: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

Now is the time for women’s rights in the Middle East

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The realization of women’s rights and gender justice in the Middle East and North Africa is inseparably entwined with conflict resolution and peace building efforts explains Farah Kobaissy. “No matter where you are, everyone says that now is not the time to talk about these issues. There is no such thing as women’s rights. We are in times of war, …

Nelson Mandela speaking during the launch of Make Poverty History in 2005.Credit: Mark Davy/Oxfam

How Oxfam has influenced for change over the last 75 years

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In advance of the Oxfam Research Network’s Evidence for Influencing conference (Soesterberg, Netherlands, 23-24 October), Ruth Mayne, Chris Stalker and Andrew Wells-Dang look back over Oxfam’s history of influencing and future challenges.  Influencing policymakers is in Oxfam’s genes. Right from its inception in 1942, Oxfam called on Prime Minister Winston Churchill to lift the Allied blockade of Nazi-occupied countries to …

Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima with civil society leaders in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Credit: Tom Saater/Oxfam

World-wide influencing: what is it?

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A changing world poses new challenges, and opens up new opportunities, for Oxfam’s work to end poverty, inequality, and injustice. Steve Price Thomas, Oxfam International’s Director of Advocacy and Campaigns explains why Oxfam has adopted a ‘world-wide influencing’ approach, as part of a series on influencing for change. Our world faces seismic shifts—is Oxfam prepared to deal with them? More …

Credit: Oxfam

Is there room on the broom for young women?

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For International Youth Day Sharon Settecasse looks at what lessons the development sector, and especially those working with young women, could take from the popular children’s book, ‘Room on the Broom’. Room on the Broom is a children’s book packed with lessons for children, and, as it turns out, for the development sector. It is story of a witch who, …

Discussion at an event to support women running for local election in Morocco, February 2015. Credit: Ellie Kealey/Oxfam

Influencing for social justice: nudge, shove, show or shout?


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What do, closed door talks with civil servants about climate change, street theatre about the impacts of domestic violence, and anti-tax haven marches have in common? Answer: They’re all about influencing for a fairer, safer, greener world. Sally Golding and Ruth Mayne introduce the what, how and why of ‘influencing’ in the first of a new series of blog posts. …

A farmer in Rwanda feeds her cow

The SDGS, an opportunity for business to do better

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Over a year in, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) show no sign of losing momentum. Ruth Mhlanga reflects on how businesses can support the SDGs to create a world free from poverty without breaking the planet. he SDGs are ambitious, but in a world where 8 men have the same wealth as the poorest half of the world, nothing less would …

“If young people want change, they can achieve it”: International Youth Day 2016

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This International Youth Day, Oxfam is supporting youth activists from all over the world to campaign on inequality issues at the World Social Forum 2016 in Montreal. Below, six youth leaders from Oxfam’s My Rights, My Voice (MRMV) programme talk about their experiences of lobbying on rights to health and education services. ith their energy, skills and creativity, young people in …