Afghanistan, Herat, November 8, 2017 20-year-old Sahar became a refugee in Iran when she was 6 months old. Credit: Joel van Houdt

Afghanistan: the tragedy of return

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Are the returnees to Afghanistan safe in what is still a conflicted and fragile state? Dr. Jorrit Kamminga introduces a new report which explores this.  With headline news carrying stories about a string of bloody attacks in Afghanistan, it’s important to remember that there is another side to the Afghan tragedy that is not making the headlines. In addition to the …

Credit: Carol Allen-Storey/International Alert

Being a better partner in conflict situations


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A new report from Oxfam and International Alert looks at how violent conflict impacts local civil society and how international partners respond. Here Harriet Lamb, CEO of International Alert and Mark Goldring, CEO of Oxfam GB, reflect on the key findings and their implications for future and current partnerships in conflict. Violent conflicts cast a shadow every day over millions …

Panyjiar Headquarters community drawing water from a borehole. Credit: Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

Why partnerships are vital to our work in South Sudan

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From borehole drilling to peacebuilding Oxfam partners in South Sudan are responding to people’s needs in ways that only local organisations could. Tim Bierley reflects on the strengths of Oxfam’s South Sudan partnerships. There’s risk of a cholera outbreak on islands deep into the Sudd, South Sudan. People are relying on the often-contaminated swamp for their drinking water. New boreholes …

Podcast: Protecting civilians in conflict


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As a result of conflict, the world today is faced with huge challenges in protecting civilians. In Yemen, Syria and South Sudan, infrastructures have been destroyed and thousands of people are forced to flea, or face the risks of disease, famine or harm. NGOs and relief agencies play a large role in the protection of civilians, from on the ground …

Protection of women and girls: a bright idea

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How can humanitarians help to protect women and girls from sexual violence in conflict situations? First we must ensure that our interventions don’t inadvertently place them in greater danger. For World Humanitarian Day, Kerry Akers explains why Oxfam is conducting research into the use of lighting around latrines in emergencies. Sometimes we harm the people we try to help. As …

Women and children arrive in the small host community in Panyijar county. They walked for 5 or 6 days before getting to their current location. The community is sharing all its food with new arrivals. They survive off fish and water lillies. Credit: Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

South Sudan: though famine has ceased hunger has spread

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As war torn South Sudan reaches its sixth birthday is there any cause for celebration? Tragically not much, as Corrie Sissons explains. Although there is no longer a technical ‘famine,’ more people than ever are going hungry. The recent declaration that famine in South Sudan has been halted was rightly celebrated. However, dig deeper than the headlines and it becomes …

Families make their way to safety in south west Mosul, February 2017. Credit: Tommy Trenchard

Life after ISIS: Reflections from Iraq

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Oxfam is working with conflict affected communities and internally displaced people in Iraq. Franc Cortada, Oxfam’s Program Director, recently visited the country and was impressed by people’s determination to get on with their lives in the midst of large scale devastation. On my recent visit to Iraq I had the chance to meet Oxfam’s teams on the ground and see …

Who is best poised to lead assistance efforts in an emergency? Photo: Neimat Abas / Oxfam

Who needs religious literacy? In a disaster, maybe we all do

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Tara Gingerich reflects on her recent work researching religious literacy; what she realised about her own point of view and why we need to engage with religion. I remember when I first started to talk with Oxfam colleagues about the new research project I would be leading, together with the Harvard Divinity School. It was on how Oxfam and other …

A man cares for his goats in Abs district, in Hajjah governorate, Yemen.

Revisiting Yemen in the midst of conflict

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The people of Yemen are experiencing one of the world’s gravest humanitarian crises. The conflict between a Saudi-led coalition of Gulf countries and the Government of Yemen against the Ansar-Allah movement (also known as the Houthis), escalated in March 2015. Two years on, Jonathon Puddifoot reflects on a recent visit to the country he knows so well.  Its 30 years …

Women have a key role in positive conflict transformation

Women and transformative leadership

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Verónica Rodríguez Jorge introduces us to Serapaz peace school in Chiapas, Mexico, and explains why women’s participation in conflict transformation is so vital. Las Cruces in Nayarit, Xochicuautla, Coyotepec San Felipe Magú in Mexico State, and Comcac in Sonora are just a few among the many communities in Mexico that are seeking to defend their land and rights through a …