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Niko Wanders

Niko Wanders

Dr. Niko Wanders is an assistant professor at Utrecht University working on hydrological extremes (e.g. floods and droughts) and is also associated with Princeton University where he worked on drought forecasting. His work focuses on creating simulations of drought and water scarcity to aid decision making for water managers. In his research, he tries to improve our current understanding off the processes which impact water availability, such as human water management and climate change. By using forecasts of drought on a daily and seasonal time scale, he explores the potential for accurately predicting these extreme events. In his work, he tries to combine all these relevant scales and processes to enhance our understanding of drought conditions in the present day and the future.

The carcass of a camel near an IDP camp, Fadigaab in Garadag District in Northern Somalia. Because of the drought, the few water points around the village are drying up. Credit: Petterik Wiggers/Oxfam

Drought and water scarcity


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Sally Rangecroft, from the University of Birmingham University, and Niko Wanders, from Princeton and Utrecht University, explore the interconnected relationship between drought and water scarcity. Droughts have been very much in the news recently, notably the lengthy drought in California and the impacts of El Niño on Southern Africa and the Horn and Eastern Africa. An extended drought is currently …