El intento de Guatemala de prohibir los derechos de las personas LGBTQIA+ refleja lo lejos que estamos de lograr la igualdad

Natalia Marsicovetere Inequality, Influencing, Rights

En marzo, el país estuvo a punto de aprobar una ley para prohibir el matrimonio igualitario y la educación sexual integral-LGBTQIA+ en las escuelas, así como para endurecer las penas por el aborto. En nuestra última entrada del blog sobre el mes del orgullo, Natalia Marsicovetere destaca la urgente necesidad de fortalecer la coalición por la justicia que logró poner freno a esta ley

Guatemala’s attempted ban on LGBTQIA+ rights shows just how far we are from equality

Natalia Marsicovetere Inequality, Influencing, Rights

In March, the country very nearly passed legislation to ban same-sex marriage and LGBTQIA+-inclusive sex education in schools – as well as increasing criminal penalties for abortion. In our latest blog for Pride month, Natalia Marsicovetere highlights the urgent need to build on the coalition for justice that stopped it

How the queer history of the Philippines inspires our struggle today

Cheng Pagulayan Gender, Influencing, Rights

In pre-colonial times, Indigenous communities respected the “babaylan”, or Filipino version of a shaman who sometimes crossed genders. Today, these healers are icons for LGBTQIA+ activists fighting to outlaw discrimination, says Cheng Pagulayan in our latest blog for Pride month

This is our story of natural disaster – and, for once, it’s told entirely by us

Ernest Ta'asi Disasters, Innovation, Participation and Leadership

None of the roles in a powerful recent film about South Pacific islanders reacting to a cyclone is played by a professional actor, says Oxfam’s Ernest Ta’asi. Instead, the actors and script writers all came from the island community – in what may be a game-changer for NGO storytelling

Faced with impossible healthcare costs, unsafe housing and rampant discrimination, Lebanon’s LGBTQIA+ people are in survival mode

May Achour Health, Research, Rights

The price of a single therapy session is now half the monthly minimum wage and most LGBTQIA+ people face violence where they live. In the first in a series of blogs to mark Pride month, May Achour introduces two new Oxfam policy briefs on the state of healthcare and housing

East Africa vs Ukraine: two tragedies, two very different responses

Duncan Green Drought, Food security, Humanitarian

East Africa is facing its second hunger crisis in a decade, yet it barely registers in the news, and the international system is failing… How did the humanitarian system end up in this mess? Duncan Green on the stark messages from the new Oxfam/Save The Children paper, Dangerous Delay 2, a follow-up to the briefing Dangerous Delay, which warned of the need for change back in 2012