‘I would expect more trust’: five things holding back LGBTQIA+ led organisations in the Ukraine response

Charlotte Greener Humanitarian, Research, Rights

LGBTQIA+ organisations responding to the crisis in Ukraine need  better support from international donors, including more flexible funding and support to boost the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community. Charlotte Greener shares insights from conversations with two LGBTQIA+ groups working in Ukraine and neighbouring Poland.

Across Asia, local LGBTQIA+ activists are finding their Voice

Kayla Lapiz Influencing, Power Shifts, Rights

Over the past eight years, the Voice programme has been supporting the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. In a blog for Pride month, Kayla Lapiz and Ishita Dutta look back on some inspiring examples of local action as the programme comes to an end.

My mum’s death makes me want a care revolution

Ruth Hannan Influencing, Poverty in the UK, Women's Economic Empowerment

Carers don’t want to be ‘saints’ or ‘angels’, says Ruth Hannan: they just want the same opportunities as everyone else. In a blog for Carers Week in the UK, she says we need to look way beyond sticking-plaster solutions such as respite breaks to radical measures that deliver real economic justice.

‘Be more Norway’: a model policy report on the UK’s international future

Duncan Green Governance, Influencing, Research

It’s time for the country to accept it is now an ‘offshore mid-sized power’, say the experienced ‘insider’ authors of radical proposals to reset the UK’s approach to international affairs. Duncan Green on key insights from The World in 2040: Renewing the UK’s Approach to International Affairs.

Want to decolonise your INGO? Get used to taking a back seat…

Adama Coulibaly Governance, Innovation, Power Shifts

‘Dinosaurs’ must become ‘chameleons’ and ‘ostriches’ change into ‘eagles’ as international NGOs fundamentally rethink their role so they can work in true partnership with local actors, says Oxfam’s Adama Coulibaly.

How much does it cost to stop a cycle of violence in South Sudan? It’s less than you might think…

Sylvia Brown Conflict, Fragile contexts, Innovation

What’s the biggest barrier to community-led peacebuilding in South Sudan? Often, it’s simply that volunteer peacebuilders can’t get the transport they need to reach the warring parties. In a blog for the International Day for Living Together in Peace, Sylvia Brown explains how an investment of just $28,000 can calm an inter-community conflict – and protect lives and livelihoods.

How can African women and girls make their voices heard in climate action?

Ilse Kithembe Climate Change, Gender, Research

Women across the continent, especially in rural and coastal areas, are paying a heavy price for the climate emergency, so why are they so often missing from key areas of influence such as climate research and national environment ministries? Ilse Kithembe sets out five ways to tackle Africa’s environmental gender gap, as Oxfam in Senegal launches a new paper on boosting the role of communities in climate action.