Four steps to transform women’s lives in coffee farming

Jiselle Steele Agriculture, Gender, Women's Economic Empowerment

Jiselle Steele of the Oxfam Business Advisory Service (OBAS) explains how we are supporting the integration of a “gender transformative approach” into the policies and practices of the coffee industry – and invites you to a webinar next month to learn more

Transformative leadership is not just a buzzword

Ines Smyth Gender, Participation and Leadership, Rights

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a terrifying reality worldwide, women have organised together across environmental, anti-racist, labour and political movements to provide immediate local care and support to those affected. They have reimagined the deep, fundamental changes we need for a shared future that is more just, safe and kind.   These include formal strategy propositions like the Hawaii State …

The struggle of Yemeni women between war and harmful social norms

Rehab Al-Dhamari Gender, Violence Against Women and Girls

Armed conflict, poverty, hunger and economic crisis have been severely affecting the lives Yemeni people over the past six years. Around 80% of the Yemeni population require some form of humanitarian or protection assistance, this means 24 million people, including 14.3 million in acute need. GBV is wide-spread in Yemen In the Yemeni context, gender-based violence (GBV) is a very …

15,000 women transform housing conditions across India

Bijal Brahmbhatt Gender, Influencing, Participation and Leadership

Grassroots groups are helping improve the living and working conditions of hundreds of thousands of low-income women in urban informal settlements across India. By organising and influencing local service providers, local women help improve the reach and quality of local services, strengthen resilience to climate change and now provide awareness-raising and practical support about Covid-19. To date, they have helped …

Girls Not Brides – weaving the ‘evidence quilt’ for gender transformative law reform

Anam Parvez Butt Gender, Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls

Positive prospects amid the pandemic  Girls have been given much reason to hope in the Philippines. This November, a historic first, the Senate unanimously approved the Girls Not Brides bill, which proposes to criminalize child marriage. Now the House of Representatives must take this life-saving measure across the finish line before the last step – a presidential veto or approval.   There are an estimated 726,000 child brides in the Philippines, making it the 12th highest in the world for child marriage in terms of …

Women’s land rights on paper are not enough

Pubudini Wickramaratne Gender, Land rights

Land is critical to our daily lives. It is intrinsically linked with our identity, dignity, livelihoods, food, housing, education and health. Secure land rights are essential to sustainable and equitable economic development as well as to social and political development. This holds true, especially for women.  For women to have secure land rights, the legal and policy framework must recognise …

A Long Way to Go: Influencing Social Norms to Combat Gender-Based Violence in Iraq

Diego Redondo Cripovich Gender, Violence Against Women and Girls

There are many social, political, religious, tribal and economic reasons that contribute to defining gender roles throughout the ages, and yet there appears to be a common thread of gender inequality across different times and territories. Iraq is no exception to this: with a long history of colonial rule, foreign intervention, successive conflicts and a volatile socio-economic context, there are …

Counting care: Everything you need to know about the new Household Care Survey toolkit

Amber Parkes Real Geek, Women's Economic Empowerment

‘What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get seen’. I’ve heard this phrase so many times but never has it felt truer than when it comes to unpaid care and domestic work. Unpaid care and domestic work is the vital work that keeps our societies and economies ticking, keeping us healthy, nourished and nurtured and keeping our homes clean and tidy. But …