How are land rights connected to climate justice?

Pubudini Wickramaratne Climate Change, Land rights, Research

Pubudini Wickramaratne and Rashmini de Silva introduce a new paper that spotlights the voices of rural Asians suffering loss and damage to their land and explain how secure land rights are essential to increasing climate resilience.

Human rights defenders in the crosshairs

Caroline Brodeur Influencing, Private sector, Rights

Activists are losing their lives in defence of human rights and the environment. Caroline Brodeur introduces a new Oxfam briefing that spells out how the private sector can and must become part of the solution.

Will the Generation Equality Forum deliver for women’s Rights?

Naomi Shadrack Agriculture, Gender

The global movement for gender equality, also known as the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) is now in full speed. It is structured around six Action Coalitions: innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships involving governments, international organizations, civil society and youth-led organizations, as well as private sector companies and philanthropic foundations. It is the continuation of efforts toward keeping the promises of the Beijing Platform …

The Food Fight Continues

Irit Tamir Food & livelihoods, Private sector

In 2013 Oxfam launched the Behind the Brands campaign which sought to influence the sourcing policies of the world’s ten biggest food and beverage companies. Over the three years, the campaign achieved a series of significant wins; catalyzing company commitments on land rights, women’s empowerment and climate change while mobilizing a significant number of supporters in the process.   While the campaign itself ended in 2016, the work …

Down the Line: Oil, Poverty, and a Future Worth Building

Andrew Bogrand Land rights, Natural Resources

Every day, communities around the globe struggle to protect their land, livelihoods, environment, and money. This is the case from the western United States, where residents in poor neighborhoods have lost everything this summer in climate-induced fires, to eastern Africa, where rural villages are navigating the low costs and high risks of oil projects. Whether these communities live downwind or …

Their land, their voices

Imke Greven Land rights

Their land, their voices – About the importance of meaningful community engagement with local communities Land rights of local communities are often threatened in the context of increased demand for land and natural resources. A community’s choice to give, or withhold, their free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) to a project or activity planned to take place on their land …

Women’s land rights on paper are not enough

Pubudini Wickramaratne Gender, Land rights

Land is critical to our daily lives. It is intrinsically linked with our identity, dignity, livelihoods, food, housing, education and health. Secure land rights are essential to sustainable and equitable economic development as well as to social and political development. This holds true, especially for women.  For women to have secure land rights, the legal and policy framework must recognise …