Four ways to boost investment in women-led small businesses

Windy Massabni Private sector, Refugees and IDPs, Women's Economic Empowerment

Oxfam’s conversations and projects with entrepreneurs across the globe reveal a big gender gap in access to finance, says Windy Massabni. Women in business tell us that better support for them will include loan guarantees, alternative credit scoring systems and building the gender awareness of lenders.

Challenges to Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in the MENA Region

Giada Cicognola Innovation, Livelihoods, Youth employment

Social entrepreneurship (SE) has gained significant interest and recognition in the past few years. Social entrepreneurs are tackling social and environmental challenges with innovative sustainable solutions, thus combining business with social impact. Social entrepreneurship in the southern Mediterranean region has the potential to invigorate local economies as well as to promote regional stability by activating positive synergies among economic sectors and …

Ten lessons on entrepreneurship and job creation in the MENA region

Shekhar Anand Inequality, Women's Economic Empowerment, Youth employment

Job creation in the MENA Region, the context and challenges   The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region face unemployment as a common challenge. The youth population is growing but the jobs are not being created at the same pace. Economic growth rates have declined, leading to a lack of employment opportunities sought by a rapidly expanding labour force. Globally, the …

Women’s economic empowerment: Balancing rights with responsibilities

Elizabeth Fraser Gender, Her Series, Women's Economic Empowerment

How should we balance the rights and responsibilities for women’s economic empowerment? Elizabeth Fraser from the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women takes us through her views. It is a triumph of gender activism that women’s economic empowerment has won increasing recognition as an issue of human rights. As more and more women join the ranks of entrepreneurship, they are poised to …