Faced with impossible healthcare costs, unsafe housing and rampant discrimination, Lebanon’s LGBTQIA+ people are in survival mode

May Achour Health, Research, Rights

The price of a single therapy session is now half the monthly minimum wage and most LGBTQIA+ people face violence where they live. In the first in a series of blogs to mark Pride month, May Achour introduces two new Oxfam policy briefs on the state of healthcare and housing

Co-creating feminist innovation: Lessons learned from the Roots Lab design process

Chloe Safier Gender

Roots Lab is an exciting new social innovation lab for young women’s rights, created in partnership with FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, Global Fund for Women, Oxfam, and the Young Foundation. Chloe Safier takes us through how and why it came about.  “My mom was a fighter, she taught me to believe in other women. I believe in every single …