Love as a form of resistance to violence – both against people and the planet

Joshua Villalobos Gender, Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls

In our second blog for the 16 days campaign against gender-based violence, queer climate activist Joshua Villalobos explains the passion that drives opposition to both gender-based violence and the abuse of the climate that fuels it.

Why are LGBTQIA+ people in the Philippines still waiting for an anti-discrimination law?

Neal Igan Roxas Inequality, Influencing, Rights

Neal Igan Roxas looks back on his childhood, and at the daily challenge for LGBTQIA+ people of “braving spaces” in the face of hostility, to explain why it is so vital the landmark SOGIE equality bill passes into law, after a two-decade battle for anti-discrimination protection.

Faced with impossible healthcare costs, unsafe housing and rampant discrimination, Lebanon’s LGBTQIA+ people are in survival mode

May Achour Health, Research, Rights

The price of a single therapy session is now half the monthly minimum wage and most LGBTQIA+ people face violence where they live. In the first in a series of blogs to mark Pride month, May Achour introduces two new Oxfam policy briefs on the state of healthcare and housing

The pandemic marks a new, brutal chapter in a history of violence against LGBTQIA+ people in Central America

Natalia Marsicovetere Gender, Violence Against Women and Girls

As the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence begins, Oxfam gender justice lead for Central America and LGBTQIA+ activist, Natalia Marsicovetere, spells out the pandemic’s impact on LGBTQIA+ people in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador Central America has historically been a particularly violent region for the LGBTQIA+ population who face everything from street violence, to displacement, to lack of opportunities, to discriminatory public policies. The region has …