The world cannot stand by as starvation is used as a weapon of war in Gaza

Bushra Khalidi Conflict, Emergencies, Food security

Starved and under siege, Gaza is both a humanitarian catastrophe and a crisis for our humanity, say Bushra Khalidi, Lawrence Robinson and Awssan Kamal. Ahead of this week’s global food security summit in London, they set out how international law forbids cutting off food to civilians – and why only a ceasefire will allow the massive response Gaza needs to end hunger, both now and in the longer term.

Whether in Asia, Africa or North America, it’s been a profitable polycrisis for billionaires

Anthony Kamande Inequality, Research, Tax

Around the world it seems the pandemic and surging food and fuel prices have actually boosted the wealth of the super-rich, even as they pushed hundreds of millions of ordinary people into misery and penury, says Anthony Kamande in our second blog for Davos 2023

Food price volatility infographic

John Magrath Food & livelihoods

Oxfam and the Institute of Development Studies published a report from four years of research in 10 countries into price volatility and its impact on the millions of people who struggle to feed their families nutritiously. The findings found more were turning to the convenience of fast food and a ‘Westernized’ diet, while communities we’re having increasing concerns about food safety and quality. …