Poems, art and song: how our development journal tackled the theme of decolonising knowledge

Gender and Development editors Gender & Development Journal, Power Shifts, Research

The latest issue of the Oxfam-edited Gender & Development Journal embraces poets, artists and community activists alongside researchers as it shines a light on voices, experiences and modes of expression that are too often neglected and silenced.

Defying violence and repression, women are finding new ways to connect and campaign for human rights

Anandita Ghosh Gender & Development Journal, Research, Rights

Whether resisting oppressive laws in Zimbabwe, peacebuilding in the former Yugoslavia, or speaking up for migrants on the US-Mexico border, women are leading the push for rights across the globe. Anandita Ghosh introduces the latest issue of the Oxfam-edited Gender & Development Journal on “Women Human Rights Defenders”.

Why women humanitarian workers matter

Julie Lafrenière Gender, Gender & Development Journal, Humanitarian

August 19 is World Humanitarian Day, when we mark the work done by humanitarian staff all over the world, who often risk their lives to support people affected by crises. This year is dedicated to women; the thousands of women working on the front lines in their own communities in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous places. Women …

Technology and inequality

Claire Spoors Gender & Development Journal, ICT4D, Inequality, Participation and Leadership

We are at a crossroads on the digital highway. Advocacy Adviser, Claire Spoors highlights some key themes for the international development sector to consider when thinking about the intersection of technology and inequality. Recent World Bank estimates reveal that reducing inequality is a more effective way to eradicate poverty than increasing a country’s annual growth rate. Oxfam’s Fighting inequality to …

Young feminists driving change

Imogen Davies Active citizenship, Gender & Development Journal, Participation and Leadership, Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls, Youth

Imogen Davies, Oxfam GB’s Global Adviser on Youth, Gender & Active Citizenship, and co-editor of the latest issue of Gender & Development, describes the political approaches young feminist movements are taking to reshape the international development landscape. There are more young people alive today than there ever have been before. Almost one person in four is aged 10-24, with 90 per …

Making international development campaigns work for girls

Rosie Walters Education, Gender & Development Journal, Participation and Leadership, Youth

Rosie Walters discovers how girls can take a much more creative approach to feminist activism than campaigns would give them credit for. In the past decade, countless campaigns have emerged with the aim of empowering girls in the Global South.  Many of them cite statistics about the returns of investing in girls’ education, including increased economic output, delayed maternity and …

Beyond a phone in your pocket: feminist analysis of the digital age

Amy O'Donnell Gender, Gender & Development Journal, ICT4D

Amy O’Donnell, a specialist on digital technologies at Oxfam and Board member of anti-harassment charity Hollaback!, outlines the Gender & Development Journal’s new ICTs issue and two launch events.  Having a phone in your pocket isn’t necessarily as empowering and life-changing as it’s cracked up to be. Development actors are having a passionate moment with ICTs right now, and certainly digital offers …

Gender & Development turns 25

Caroline Sweetman Gender, Gender & Development Journal

[buzzsprout episode=’2559214′ player=’true’] This year, Oxfam’s international journal Gender & Development turns 25. The UK Development Studies Association and Oxfam marked the occasion by convening a one-day seminar for feminist activists from academia and development practice to discuss bringing feminist values to development research, policy and practice. In this podcast five of these activists introduce themselves and their research, and …