Fighting for invisible women in Kenya: a story and podcast of an extraordinary changemaker in the pandemic

Filippo Artuso Gender, Innovation, Research

“I am a reflection of how a widow can  thrive. I am a reflection of how widows can remain invisible…” Roseline Orwa, advocate for Kenyan widows, is star of the first episode of a new podcast series telling four stories of changemakers in a time of Covid. Oxfam’s Filippo Artuso and the LSE’s Barbara van Paassen tell us more about the series – and the research that informs it

Podcast: Where is the power in the pandemic?

Power in the Pandemic Podcast General

You’re listening to the first episode of Power in the Pandemic. Before we share the voices we are capturing from across the world about their experiences of the coronavirus, we explore the role power plays during this crisis. In this introductory episode, we consider how the coronavirus has made us rethink power structures. We hear from David Mwambari about a Post-Corona, Pan-African vision …

Podcast: Feminist leadership in the hardest places to be a woman

Fenella Porter Gender, Participation and Leadership

[buzzsprout episode=’2767624′ player=’true’] As part of Oxfam’s Breaking New Ground Series, we host a  panel of inspiring female leaders from the world of politics and civil society. The panel discuss their perspectives on what feminist leadership means to them and the importance of women’s participation in peace building and political life. The event took place in London on the 3rd …

Podcast: Highlights of Oxfam’s Impact Evaluation of Cash for Work activities in the Za’atari camp in Jordan

Simone Lombardini Livelihoods, Real Geek, Refugees and IDPs

[buzzsprout episode=’2664862′ player=’true’] For people living in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan there are few legally accessible work opportunities in and outside the camp. The Cash for Work activities currently being carried out in Za’atari provides income, increases household wealth, teaches skills and improves well-being. But how effective is the intervention? As part of our Real Geek Series, Franziska …

Podcast: GDPR and the right to privacy in practice for impact evaluations

Jaynie Vonk Real Geek

[buzzsprout episode=’2665939′ player=’true’] What is GDPR and Oxfam’s Responsible Data Policy? How does GDPR affect the way we collect data when carrying out monitoring and evaluations? Following the recent publication of the Going Digital report on GDPR, two of our regular “Real Geekers“, Jaynie Vonk, Global Advisor on Impact Evaluations and Simone Lombardini, Impact and Evaluation lead, discuss the implementation, …

Podcast: How to measure resilience capacities – Experience from Oxfam’s impact evaluations

james Methodology, Real Geek

[buzzsprout episode=’2559154′ player=’true’] Oxfam defines resilience as ‘the ability of women and men to realize their rights and improve their wellbeing despite shocks, stresses and uncertainty’ (The future is a choice, Jeans et al., 2016). So… Can resilience be “measured”?! Well, we have been trying since 2012! Inspired by John Twigg’s (2009) characteristics approach, our measurement approach relies on identifying …

Podcast: The challenges of measuring women’s empowerment

Marina Torre Gender, Real Geek

[buzzsprout episode=’2559187′ player=’true’] In this episode we share Oxfam’s journey in measuring women’s empowerment in our impact evaluations. Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Lead, Marina Torre, speaks to Simone Lombardini, Impact Evaluation Lead, who has been working in this area of work. Simone delves into the details on what methodologies have been used, the challenges the team has faced and …

Improving the sustainability of water supply schemes in Nepal

Susanna Griffiths Private sector, WASH Impact Series, Water

[buzzsprout episode=’2559190′ player=’true’] This podcast focuses on the alternative models we used to boost the profitability and sustainability of rural water supply schemes in Nepal. We speak to Anjil Adhikari who is an Innovation Advisor working for Oxfam on water sanitation and hygiene, and Jessica Graf who is Managing Director of LeFil Consulting. They talk about how they worked together …

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Book banter – The Rise of the Meritocracy

Angela Picciariello Book Banter, Inequality

In our latest Book Banter episode, we review The Rise of the Meritocracy, by British sociologist and politician Michael Young. This satirical essay was first published in 1958, projecting into the year 2034. Oxfam’s Angela Picciariello and Susanna Griffiths discuss what it can tell us about inequality in the present day.

How loans from philanthropists to NGOs could work

james Aid

[buzzsprout episode=’2559208′ player=’true’] This podcast focuses on the role of philanthropy in development, and shares the learning from a recent loan agreement made to Oxfam, which is considered ground-breaking for the sector. We speak to Talal Shakerchi, the head of Meditor Trust who gave the loan, and Bridie Layden from Oxfam GB’s Philanthropy & Partnerships team, who coordinated the process. …