The pandemic treaty must put people before Big Pharma profits

Abha Jeurkar Inequality, Influencing, Private sector

How can governments negotiating a new deal on pandemic preparedness and response make sure they don’t repeat the failures of COVID-19? They must ignore corporate lobbying and address the patent regimes that blocked billions from accessing lifesaving vaccines, says Abha Jeurkar

How can we tackle the pain austerity inflicts on women? Start by really seeing and valuing the work they do

Anam Parvez Research, Violence Against Women and Girls, Women's Economic Empowerment

As Oxfam releases a new report highlighting austerity as a form of gender-based violence, Anam Parvez and Clare Coffey identify three deep-rooted attitudes at the root of this economic violence, including the idea that the work women do isn’t real work

The injustice over vaccines is being replayed: as rich countries deny billions access to lifesaving COVID-19 treatments

Harry Bignell Health, Influencing, Rights

The World Trade Organisation decision in June – far from being the comprehensive waiver we campaigned for – outrageously omitted life-saving tests and treatments, says Harry Bignell. Now the UK and other rich countries must unblock access to medicines and diagnostics, or risk devastating global consequences

Boosting decent employment for Africa’s youth

Marieke Meeske Youth employment

by Marieke Meeske and Saskia van Veen Youth in Africa face a myriad of constraints that affect their access to and success in the labour market. The current COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionally affects young people, puts further pressure on the job market. Youth employment policies and programmes try to tackle these constraints, e.g. by providing training and skills development to youth (supply side) or development of small and …

Ten lessons in promoting inclusive entrepreneurship program

Shekhar Anand Women's Economic Empowerment, Youth employment, Youth Participation

by Ahmed Elassal and Shekhar Anand Most countries in the MENA region continue to marginalize the most vulnerable adolescents and youth, particularly young women, poor, refugees or people with disabilities, impacting their ability to realize their full potential (UNICEF). Young entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to run their micro enterprises, small businesses, and start-ups in the same manner as they were doing …


Roseline Orwa Gender, Violence Against Women and Girls

Roseline Orwa and Valentine Linet set out in June 2021 to understand how widows in rural Siaya were coping and managing during Covid-19. With majority being survivors of two pandemics – HIV and Covid-19, we asked them how they wanted to engage. From which we employed deep sensitivity and a story telling approach during one-on-one interviews. In this blog, we …

International solidarity: from HIV/AIDs to Covid19

Mohga Kamal-Yanni Influencing

by Mohga Kamal-Yanni, Anna Marriott and Ruth Mayne Millions of people continue to suffer and die from Covid-19. Yet, while rich countries have vaccinated more than 40% of their population and are rapidly advancing towards herd immunity against Covid-19, 39 developing countries have vaccinated only around 1%. This blog explores how international solidarity can help end this global injustice.  Patent …