Anita with her two children in temporary shelter, Nepal September 2015. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Influencing behaviours and practices to tackle poverty and injustice

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Ruth Mayne, a senior researcher on influencing, introduces the key themes of a new discussion paper on behaviour and practice change. Behaviour change strategies can play a vital role in combating poverty, injustice and environmental problems, whether by helping end gender based violence, improving health and hygiene behaviours, or reducing resource-intensive consumption patterns. But do we really understand how to …

Credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Climate Coalition

What does populism mean for NGO policy and practice?

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At the start of our Evidence for Influencing conference in October, Senior Researcher Martin Walsh presented Oxfam’s research on the politics of populism and its implications for NGO policy and practice, including the use of evidence for influencing. Here he summarises and reflects on the findings of that research, published at the end of last year as an Oxfam America Research …

Food fair held alongside the food security conference Credit: Oxfam

Influencing for food security in the South Caucasus


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What strategies can be used to raise the voices of smallholder farmers so that food security policies reflect their needs? Shekhar Anand and Jacky Repila share learning from Oxfam’s national influencing work in the South Caucasus. Small holder farmers are some of the people most vulnerable to food insecurity in the South Casucasus. In Georgia 63 per cent of all …

Families make their way to safety in south west Mosul, February 2017. Credit: Tommy Trenchard

What kind of evidence might persuade people to change their minds on refugees?

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Humanitarian Policy Adviser Ed Cairns reflects on using evidence to influence the treatment of refugees.  Ed presented on this subject at our recent Evidence for Influencing conference organised by the Oxfam Research Network.  Who thinks that governments decide what to do on refugees after carefully considering the evidence? Not many, I suspect. So it was an interesting to be asked …

How we used behavioural insights for digital campaigning

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Jacco Vlastuin, Digital Campaigner at Oxfam Novib, shares his presentation on behavioural insights for digital campaigning from the recent Evidence for Influencing conference.  #Throwback Last Tuesday I had the honour of  hosting one of the breakout sessions during the #OxfamEvidence conference. A session where I focused on behavioural insights, influencing and framing. The insights I presented were learnt from a …

Duncan Green speaking at the Evidence for Influencing Conference, Organised by the Oxfam Research Network and hosted by Konkatkt de Kontinenten in the Netherlands. Credit: Oxfam.

How can NGOs get better at using evidence to influence governments and companies?

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Duncan Green reflects on the Oxfam Research Network’s recent ‘Evidence for Influencing’ Conference, Organised by the Oxfam Research Network and hosted by Konkatkt de Kontinenten in the Netherlands.  This week I attended an ‘Evidence for Influencing’ conference in the Netherlands. A couple of Oxfam colleagues had started planning it as a small event, and then found such interest in the topic that …

Nelson Mandela speaking during the launch of Make Poverty History in 2005.Credit: Mark Davy/Oxfam

How Oxfam has influenced for change over the last 75 years

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In advance of the Oxfam Research Network’s Evidence for Influencing conference (Soesterberg, Netherlands, 23-24 October), Ruth Mayne, Chris Stalker and Andrew Wells-Dang look back over Oxfam’s history of influencing and future challenges.  Influencing policymakers is in Oxfam’s genes. Right from its inception in 1942, Oxfam called on Prime Minister Winston Churchill to lift the Allied blockade of Nazi-occupied countries to …

Credit: James Akena / Oxfam Novib

Evidence for influencing: why we’re excited about the first Oxfam Research Network conference


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For social justice what needs to change, who holds the power and how do we achieve it? Irene Guijt and Irene de Goede introduce first conference on the evidence processes needed for influencing, where these questions and more will be discussed with 150 experts from Oxfam and the wider sector. Influencing for social justice is a journey during which many …

A scorecard from Oxfam's Behind the Brands campaign. Credit: Oxfam

Using scorecards to influence business: the Behind the Brands experience

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In the run up to Oxfam’s Evidence for Influencing conference on Oct 23 – 24, Erinch Sahan shares how Oxfam has used scorecards to influence business. Companies compete, that’s just what they do. As a company’s performance is assessed against competitors’ decision-makers in companies are incentivised to ‘win’. The desire to ‘win’ shapes corporate culture and this is a dynamic …

Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima with civil society leaders in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Credit: Tom Saater/Oxfam

World-wide influencing: what is it?

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A changing world poses new challenges, and opens up new opportunities, for Oxfam’s work to end poverty, inequality, and injustice. Steve Price Thomas, Oxfam International’s Director of Advocacy and Campaigns explains why Oxfam has adopted a ‘world-wide influencing’ approach, as part of a series on influencing for change. Our world faces seismic shifts—is Oxfam prepared to deal with them? More …