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What the iPhone has got to do with inequality

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What is the role of the state in fostering innovation and economic growth? Mariana Mazzucato’s book, The Entrepreneurial State, reveals the role of the public sector in risk taking and the development of new technology, and argues that the state should receive more of the rewards. Research Assistant Franziska Mager reviews the book for Oxfam. Why I read it This …

Running to classes at Malambo primary school, Ngorongoro, Tanzania. Credit: Geoff Sayer/Oxfam

Health, wealth and the great escape out of poverty

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Could the history of the last 250 years provide the clues to ending poverty and inequality? Angus Deaton’s book The Great Escape makes a compelling case for improving global well-being by addressing health and wealth. Franziska Mager, Research Assistant, reviews the book as part of our new Book Banter series. Book Banter Are you looking for some inspiring reading? Short …

The beach in downtown Monrovia, Liberia, December 2015. Credit: Tommy Trenchard / Oxfam

Have economists got Africa wrong?

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Deborah Hardoon, Oxfam’s Deputy Head of Research, kicks off a new series of book reviews for those who want to delve deeper into development and humanitarian issues, beginning with Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong by Morten Jerven. Book Banter Are you looking for some inspiring reading? Short on time or don’t know where to begin? Oxfam’s researchers review their latest …