The world cannot stand by as starvation is used as a weapon of war in Gaza

Awssan Kamal Conflict, Emergencies, Food security

Starved and under siege, Gaza is both a humanitarian catastrophe and a crisis for our humanity, say Bushra Khalidi, Lawrence Robinson and Awssan Kamal. Ahead of this week’s global food security summit in London, they set out how international law forbids cutting off food to civilians – and why only a ceasefire will allow the massive response Gaza needs to end hunger, both now and in the longer term.

The unfolding water catastrophe in Gaza

Awssan Kamal Conflict, Emergencies, Water

The current crisis comes on top of a long-standing struggle for water in Gaza – and demonstrates again how access to clean water is often one of the first casualties of conflict. Bushra Khalidi and Awssan Kamal set out six ways the destruction and obstruction of water supplies is having devastating short- and long-term impacts on civilians.

Coronavirus means a ceasefire in Yemen is needed now more than ever

Awssan Kamal Fragile contexts

This blog was written by Awssan Kamal Oxfam GB Humanitarian Campaign Project Manager, a British Yemeni aid worker and activist. In 2015 he was forced to return to the UK when the conflict began. The people of Yemen like many in across the world in conflict affected states now face COVID-19, hospitals have been destroyed, borders are closed, and humanitarian …