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John Magrath

John Magrath


John has worked for Oxfam GB for over 30 years in a variety of roles. His background is a journalist, writer and researcher. His work in the Research Team has focused mainly on climate change and its implications for Oxfam GB's work, and lately on the impacts of the El Niño/La Niña climate phenomenon on farming and food systems. He has written, edited and assisted on many research reports that are available on Policy and Practice.

Food price volatility infographic

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Oxfam and the Institute of Development Studies published a report from four years of research in 10 countries into price volatility and its impact on the millions of people who struggle to feed their families nutritiously. The findings found more were turning to the convenience of fast food and a ‘Westernized’ diet, while communities we’re having increasing concerns about food safety and quality. …

A water filter in Zambia.

A harvest of dysfunction: Causes and impacts of drought in South Africa

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John Magrath introduces the report, A Harvest of Dysfunction: rethinking the approach to drought, its causes and impacts in South Africa. “Interventions to assist poor people affected by drought must start with how drought itself is defined and understood” – so says Sipho Mthathi, Executive Director of Oxfam South Africa  in her introduction to a new report that challenges the …

Delicious, disgusting, dangerous – how global eating habits are changing

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There’s a food revolution going on all over the world and the young are at the forefront of it; but how much are they the leaders? And how much are they the ones being led? John Magrath, Programme Researcher, introduces new research from Oxfam and the Institute of Development Studies, looking at how diets around the world are changing. he …