How do you build a digital movement? Smart strategy, good stories – and make sure it is rooted in the real world

Marieke Meeske Active citizenship, Influencing, Innovation

Oxfam Novib staff on four lessons for digital activism, drawn from their “E-motive” peer-to-peer learning project that connected campaigners across borders.

Power at our fingertips: feminists in Asia stake their claim to digital space

Myrah Nerine Butt Gender, Innovation, Participation and Leadership

Whether reshaping gender narratives via TikTok, or highlighting sustainable farming via Facebook, women in Asia are mobilising on digital platforms like never before, says Myrah Butt in the latest blog in our International Women’s Day series.

Can Twitter help drive policy change?

Rodrigo Barahona Active citizenship, Gender, Influencing, Violence Against Women and Girls

Oxfam Intermón has supported allies using digital actions to put issues on the political agenda. Rodrigo Barahona, Virginia Vaquera and Patricia Corcuera share seven critical success factors. In recent years Spain has seen the devastating impact of economic crisis, austerity measures, and a rolling back of human rights – including the controversial Citizens Security Law, which has curbed freedom of …