Would you care more about inequality, if you understood the scale of it?

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[buzzsprout episode=’2559235′ player=’true’] This podcast looks at people’s perceptions of inequality, what they care about and what they want done about it. Taken from research commissioned for Oxfam by Christopher Hoy at the Australia National University, we give an insight into how this data can be used for campaigning work. As part of Oxfam’s release of Reward Work, Not Wealth for …

Reward work, not wealth infographic

james Inequality

This week Oxfam released its Reward Work, Not Wealth report, to raise awareness about the scale of inequality globally. Below is a snapshot infographic, pulling out the key charts and stats from the report.  [infogram id=”7b56d939-ca6f-4174-8d80-94234bf35be8″ prefix=”UGm” format=”interactive” title=”Reward work, not wealth”]

Reward work, not wealth: How can we solve the inequality crisis?

Nick Bryer Inequality

[buzzsprout episode=’2559241′ player=’true’] In this podcast, we speak to the authors and advisers of a new Oxfam report Reward work, not wealth, and discuss the links between inequality and poverty, as well as the solutions that governments and the private sector should adopt. Last year saw the biggest increase in billionaires in history, one more every two days. This huge …

Wealth and income inequality: two trends, one story

Diego Vazquez Inequality, Living wage, Tax

As Oxfam launches it’s Reward Work, Not Wealth report, Diego Vazquez takes us through the difference between income and wealth.  One of the most interesting findings in the latest Davos report is that whilst the inequality crisis continues to increase with the accumulation of the world´s wealth by a just few billionaires, global income inequality has decreased during the last …