Panyjiar Headquarters community drawing water from a borehole. Credit: Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

Why partnerships are vital to our work in South Sudan

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From borehole drilling to peacebuilding Oxfam partners in South Sudan are responding to people’s needs in ways that only local organisations could. Tim Bierley reflects on the strengths of Oxfam’s South Sudan partnerships. There’s risk of a cholera outbreak on islands deep into the Sudd, South Sudan. People are relying on the often-contaminated swamp for their drinking water. New boreholes …

Building local humanitarian capacity in Yemen

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Working with local partners in emergencies enables Oxfam to respond to the needs of more vulnerable people in a timely and sensitive way. Here Bassim Assuqair shares a success story from Yemen where in partnership with Oxfam youth organization GWQ has been able to build humanitarian capacity to respond to the crisis in their local area. Since the escalation of …

Street march on the day of the Honduran woman, 25 January 2016. Credit: Las Hormigas

Las Hormigas: fighting for justice for women in Honduras

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As part of our October focus on the amazing work of Oxfam partners we spoke to Eva Sanchez from ‘Las Hormigas’ (the ants) women’s rights organization in Honduras.  The murder of women and gender based violence frequently go unpunished in Honduras, according to one report out of 463 cases of femicide in 2016 only 15 were investigated. Las Hormigas is …

Liezel, a builder from Bantayan Island training more builders in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, August 2016. Photo: Rona Ramos

The challenges of working with micro-financing institutions

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For many, the main barrier for access to clean sanitation is money. Tom Wildman, WASH Advisor, shares the opportunities and challenges of working with micro-finance institutions in the Philippines to obtain loans for the poorest. In the Philippines, it’s not a lack of knowledge or desire that prevents people from owning a toilet, it’s money.  Most have little left over for …

Opportunities in challenging times

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Bayan Academy, based in the Philippines, shares how it works, its mission, and how its partnership with Oxfam helped it become a big contributor in the WASH sector. In the words of Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr., Chairman and President of Bayan Academy, “who would have thought that there could be so many opportunities in toilets? And not as just …

The area Chief, Nakukulas Area welcoming the community members to the public baraza. Credit: LightBox

Putting people’s voices first


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Using innovative research approaches, Africa’s Voices Foundation share how they use technology to reach the hardest to reach.  Development and governance should be led by the views of those who are affected by its implementation. This is our goal as Africa’s Voices Foundation. By using innovative research approaches, we help to open communication channels between organisations and communities, so that …

Credit: GWQ

GWQ-Oxfam partnership: working hard to build when everything is collapsing in Yemen

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As part of Oxfam GB’s 75th anniversary, we’re showcasing the work of our partners. Here, Generations Without Qat, share the challenges they face in the escalating crisis in Yemen.  More than 2.5 million citizens in Taiz, Yemen have been affected by war. Their lives, income, and homes are under threat. In an already-poor country, they have been deprived from their basic …

Ribwar from Oxfam's protection team walks through the transit site in Hamam Alil. Credit: Amy Christian/ Oxfam

Being the best partner we can be

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Yoma Winder, Oxfam GB’s global adviser for partnerships and accountability, introduces why we’re celebrating the work of our partners for OGB’s 75th anniversary.  “Partnerships are “relationships”. Just like marriage and other relationships, they need revival, excitement, continuous engagement, etc, for them to survive and remain beneficial to parties involved.”  Mutinta Nketani,Compliance and Admin Officer, Oxfam Zambia. Working with others to build …