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Nikki van der Gaag

Nikki van der Gaag

Nikki is Director of Gender Justice and Women’s Rights at Oxfam GB. She brings over 30 years of experience and a proven track record in shaping the debate on women's rights and gender justice in the UK and globally. Nikki has authored many Because I am a Girl reports and co-authored the first State of the World's Fathers.

Marching in Zambia: Oxfam's grassroots Enough campaign against violence against women. Credit Oxfam

Why addressing power is key to ending violence against women

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Violence against women won’t end until gender equality is a reality, argues Nikki van der Gaag, Oxfam’s Gender Justice and Women’s Rights Director. The current wave of interest in sexual harassment at work highlights just one consequence of gender inequality, but if things are really going to change, we need to address the power imbalances that mean women are still …

Shienna Cabus and her 4 year old daughter travel to a local water source to collect spring water for the family in Salcedo, Eastern Samar, Philippines.Credit: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam

Women’s work? Challenging gender roles in the Philippines

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‘We forget our tiredness when the kiss is there.’ Nikki van der Gaag reports from the Philippines on a partnership that is changing ideas about men’s and women’s roles in the home. There is a bright red advertisement on the road from Tacloban airport to the town. It has a photograph of a woman with pale skin and red lipstick …

Marzia Babakarkhail Credit: Oxfam

‘I am human and I have hope’: Working with women in Oxfam’s shops

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The Future Skills programme is empowering marginalised women in the UK to grow in confidence and pursue their goals through shop work experience. Nikki van der Gaag recently visited Oxfam’s Manchester Emporium shop and was inspired by the women who are participating in the programme. The Oxfam shop on Oldham Street in Manchester is rightly named the Emporium. Spacious and …

A woman speaks at an event organised by LDDF regarding political participation in Rabat, Morocco,

Role models for the next generation: women and democracy in Morocco

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We arrive in the village in Larache province in Morocco via several wrong turns and a long bumpy earth road that wasn’t really a road at all, to find a huge tent erected on a patch of grass. A large number of women are all shouting animatedly into a microphone. As we enter the tent, an older woman is speaking: …

A manifesto for a new era – or seven reasons why the Women’s March was different

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Nikki van der Gaag reflects on her experience of the Women’s March on London; why Oxfam supported it, why it was different from past events and where we can go from here. t is not often that an ordinary citizen is part of something that they know will go down in history. But the Women’s March last Saturday was one …