What I learned at CaLP’s Cash and Gender Event

Steph Roberson Cash transfers, Gender

Steph Roberson reflects back on CaLP’s recent cash week in London, and particularly on their gender and cash event.  I recently attended CaLP’s Gender and Cash event in London. And it turns out there is quite a lot we don’t know about gender and cash transfer programming. CaLP have collected a range of technical papers on gender and cash, and …

Podcast: Are cash transfers the answer to humanitarian aid?

james Aid, Cash transfers, Humanitarian

[buzzsprout episode=’2559259′ player=’true’] In this podcast we speak with Alex Jacobs, Director of the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), on the challenges and opportunities around cash transfers in humanitarian response. Alex answers questions such as: How do they work? What are the benefits? When are they not appropriate to use? And how do NGOs need to adapt?

Smarter aid: Why digital cash transfers are the future

Nigel Tricks Cash transfers, Food & livelihoods, General, Humanitarian, ICT4D

With mobile internet now widely available across East Africa the arguments for aid through electronic cash transfers are overwhelming. Nigel Tricks, Oxfam’s Horn East and Central Africa Regional Director reflects on a recent visit to drought affected Somaliland. Two weeks ago, I visited Oxfam’s drought response in eastern Somaliland. We drove across a stark landscape; what should be a pastoralist …

Cash is the answer to change the global aid system

Rose Smith Aid

This blog, originally published by CaLP, examines the benefits of cash transfer programmes in response to recent calls for reform of the humanitarian sector, by the UK Secretary of State for International Development. The Guardian published an article describing how Priti Patel, new Secretary of State for International Development in the UK, plans to overhaul the aid system. There are …