How can overcoming educational barriers improve the sustainability of smallholder supply chains?

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In this podcast we speak to Amanda Klarer, the Responsible Farming Program Manager at Marcatus QED, who works with some of the world’s leading and niche consumer brands to develop customised sourcing programmes, innovative products and sustainable supply chains. Marcatus QED is one of Unilever’s supply partners for their gherkin supply chain, and is part of the Enhancing Livelihoods Fund, …

What are the best desalination solutions?

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As levels of salt in the world’s water systems rise, access to drinking water is a major concern. What desalination solutions are available? And how should NGOs be using these technologies? Our new briefing provides an overview of existing and emerging technology for cost-efficient and low-energy desalination in Asia. In this podcast Oxfam’s Tom Wildman, and Chinmayee Subban and Kate Boden from the University …

Women’s rights in South Sudan: How do you empower women in a country in conflict?

Tim Bierley Conflict, Gender Leave a Comment

How do you help empower women in a conflict zone? In South Sudan, Oxfam is pushing to help women make money through agriculture and small businesses, with the aim of boosting their ability to claim their rights in the household and community. In this podcast Anne Daniel Ali, Director-General of the Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare in Wau State, …

Would you care more about inequality, if you understood the scale of it?

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This podcast looks at people’s perceptions of inequality, what they care about and what they want done about it. Taken from research commissioned for Oxfam by Christopher Hoy at the Australia National University, we give an insight into how this data can be used for campaigning work. As part of Oxfam’s release of Reward Work, Not Wealth for the World Economic …

Reward work, not wealth: How can we solve the inequality crisis?

Nick Bryer Inequality Leave a Comment

In this podcast, we speak to the authors and advisers of a new Oxfam report Reward work, not wealth, and discuss the links between inequality and poverty, as well as the solutions that governments and the private sector should adopt. Last year saw the biggest increase in billionaires in history, one more every two days. This huge increase could have …

Podcast: Emergency sanitation in focus

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Esther Shaylor talks to Andy Bastable, Oxfam’s expert on public health engineering, about the challenge of providing sustainable sanitation in emergencies. What happens when toilets in camps are not well planned out? How and why should tiger worms and urine dry diversion toilets be used? Find out more: Our work on water, sanitation and hygiene

Podcast: Key requirements for INGOs to make true on the ‘Localisation of Aid’ agenda

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Many INGOs have made commitments to support reform in the Humanitarian System, specifically to ensure that local and national humanitarian actors can take a more prominent role in coordinating and implementing emergency responses. What are the challenges INGOs like Oxfam face in realising this ‘Localisation of Aid’ agenda? We spoke to the Oxfam in Iraq team for their views and …