It’s time to tackle the power imbalance between farmers and agribusiness buyers

Ashley Aarons Agriculture, Power Shifts, Private sector

System change programmes have had significant impacts on farmers and workers around the world. However, says Ashley Aarons, they have tended to ignore the existence and harm of power imbalances. Drawing on Oxfam´s work in Southeast Asia, he suggests new tactics and examples of how to address such imbalances.

What does Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) look like across Oxfam?

Aissa Boodhoo Women's Economic Empowerment

A Global Overview of 20 WEE Programmes and Projects in over 45 countries. We take a look at some of our WEE programmes below. Jump to thematic area examples Inclusive Markets and Value Chains Enterprise Development and Financial Inclusion Influencing Stakeholders Dignified and decent work Inclusive Markets and Value Chains What is it?  Inclusive market systems approaches focus on recognizing …