Wastepickers in India. Credit: Oxfam.

A man’s path to gender equality?

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What happens to the gender dynamics in a community when women become socially and economically empowered? Neha Kagal conducted research among Dalit communities in India which found pathways to gender equality are far from straight forward. The feminist trade-union of women wastepickers in India, has 8,000 members all of whom belong to the ‘lower’ Dalit caste. Established in the early …

A street vender sells tomatoes at the Bab Mushrif market, in Hodiedah, western Yemen - one of the biggest markets in the city. Credit: Amal Alariqi/Oxfam

Nothing for us without us: Participatory processes and the New Urban Agenda

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Half the world’s population live in cities, and urban informal workers make important economic, social, and environmental contributions to city life. Rhonda  Douglas from WIEGO argues that the New Urban Agenda must include all urban stakeholders, including the working poor, to ensure it doesn’t leave anyone behind.  More than 50% of the non-agricultural work force in most developing countries is …

A woman looks into the camera lens, India

Tale of Buguru Chitamma: How a cooperative transformed fisher women into leaders

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How can cooperatives help women to lead and take control of their livelihoods? In the first of our new ‘Her Series’ pieces, Savvy Soumya & Ranjana Das from Oxfam India takes us through an initiative in Odisha where women are working together in fishing communities.  With a striking red bindi, about the size of a coin, and a radiant smile …