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Is there room on the broom for young women?

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For International Youth Day Sharon Settecasse looks at what lessons the development sector, and especially those working with young women, could take from the popular children’s book, ‘Room on the Broom’. Room on the Broom is a children’s book packed with lessons for children, and, as it turns out, for the development sector. It is story of a witch who, …

A woman speaks at an event organised by LDDF regarding political participation in Rabat, Morocco,

Role models for the next generation: women and democracy in Morocco

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We arrive in the village in Larache province in Morocco via several wrong turns and a long bumpy earth road that wasn’t really a road at all, to find a huge tent erected on a patch of grass. A large number of women are all shouting animatedly into a microphone. As we enter the tent, an older woman is speaking: …

Moving from individual to collective change for women’s participation in Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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With women making up only 19% of parliament in the Middle East and North Africa region, understanding the factors preventing women from taking part in decision-making processes is vital. Here, Julie Diallo introduces a research report and summary animation that outlines key areas for change. “Thanks to the Lana project, now I can go on my own to Zarqa, but …